Severe weather, corrosive elements and heavy traffic within the transportation industry require products that are durable, low-maintenance and safe. Fibregrid products provide a cost-efficient solution to these harsh conditions. Products can be used as accessways, docks, trenches, tanker fill areas as well as walking surfaces and in work areas.
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Fibregrid was originally developed in response to the harsh conditions of chemical facilities which require products that can withstand corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, constant washdowns and multiple impacts. Fibregrid GRP walkway grating products with their specially engineered resin systems can be used throughout a facility from mixing tank walkways; to loading platforms; to accessways, manholes and trenches.
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Fibregrid products provide long-term solutions with products designed to address safety and corrosion issues found in all phases of water and wastewater treatment. Fibregrid's Fibreglass Grating products are environmentally safe and can be used extensively as filter media support, access walkways, trench and manhole covers, and walkovers. When required, Fibregrid will provide NSF approved products for your facility.
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Engineered from fibreglass reinforced plastic, Fibregrid products provide the power industry with the solution for a variety of environmental conditions. Fibregrid is electromagnetically transparent, nonconductive and corrosion resistant. These properties make Fibregrid perfect for use around transmission structures, distribution equipment, in storage and containment areas as well as cooling towers and discharge areas.
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OIl & Gas

Designed to stand up to the harsh environmental conditions encountered in the oil and gas industry, Fibregrid products are the ideal solution for both offshore and land based production. Key features such as corrosion and slip resistance, flame retardancy, impact absorbency, non-conductivity, high strength-to-weight properties, and low maintenance make these products ideal for all types of oil and gas facilities.
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No matter the product in production, manufacturing plants worldwide deal with worker safety and lowering maintenance costs. Fibregrid's GRP grating products have been engineered to withstand severe conditions and can be used around mills and lathes, along assembly lines, on docks and in maintenance areas.
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Fibregrid is providing telecommunications industry with the most cost-effective composite grating products for their projects. The RF transparent and lightweight features as well as non-conductive properties of Fibregrid's products make them ideal for virtually all telecommunications projects. Installations are quick, easy and can be done with minimum labour and tools including on-site modifications.
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Food & Beverage

With a consistently wet environment and harsh cleaning products, the food and beverage industry needs unique solutions to their corrosion and slip hazard problems.
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