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What are some of the benefits of FRP / GRP products?

Some benefits of GRP materials include corrosion resistance, slip resistance, light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, non-conductive, fire retardant, electromagnetically transparent, impact resistant, superior ergonomics and low maintenance.

What are the benefits of Fibregrid moulded grating?

Moluded grating has superior corrosion resistance; bidirectional strength; high impact resistance; slip resistance; and advantages in installation, fabrication and utilization.

What types of engineering load data is available for grating products?

Uniform, concentrated point load - moulded grating only, and concentrated line load tables are available for all our grating products.

What ergonomic benefits do Fibregrid GRP products have?

Unlike stiff metals, GRP provides deflection and resiliency to cushion steps and also reduce back and leg fatigue.

Why should I seal areas on GRP products that have been cut, scraped, scuffed or scratched?

Any area that has been cut, scraped, scuffed or scratched should be sealed to prevent corrosive chemicals from reaching exposed glass fibres which maintains corrosion resistance thus extending the life of the product.

What information is required to make a good resin system recommendation?

In order for technical services to properly formulate a specific resin, they must have information about the application including chemical type, chemical concentration, temperature, and exposure level of the chemical to the product.

When placing a grating order, what accessories should also be considered?

When placing an order also consider these accessories: hold-down clips to secure grating, grating legs to elevate grating, E-Z angles for corrosion resistant ledges, sealing kits to seal cuts and penetrations or saw blades to cut material.

What type of grit is used on standard grit topped grating products?

An integral (moulded into the surface of the panel) quartz grit. Fibregrid moulded products have as standard, a meniscus surface, but have the option of applying in a secondary operation a quartz grit.

What makes the standard Fibregrid moulded grating meniscus top slip-resistant?

The naturally formed concave bars on Fibregrid moulded grating line produces an aggressive edging that provides a slip resistant surface.

What features should I consider when choosing FRP grating?

You should consider your specific application in regards to environment, span, open area, impact resistance and layout utilization. A helpful grating selection chart is available on each grating product page.

Why is moulded grating more corrosion resistant than Pultruded products of the same resin system?

Resin protects the glass fibres from corrosive chemical and moulded grating has 65% resin whereas pultruded grating has only 30 - 35% resin. Secondly, moulded grating is one-piece homogeneous construction whereas pultruded grating is assembled into panels. The corrosion barrier of the pultruded shapes are compromised when holes are drilled into components for panel assembly.

What is the pultrusion process?

The pultrusion process mechanically draws continuous fibre rovings and mats through a resin bath and then through a series of forming guides and finally through a heated die.

Why is pultruded grating stiffer than moulded products?

Pultruded grating is stiffer than molded grating because of the higher glass content in pultruded products.

What benefit does pultruded grating have over moulded grating?

Since it is a stiffer product, pultruded grating can span longer distances for any given load.

What type of slip resistant surface is standard on Fibregrid pultruded products?

The standard Fibregrid pultruded grating surface is a secondarily applied quartz grit.

Why should I purchase Fibregrid's GRP products?

Fibregrid has the largest product line and highest quality standards in the industry supported by a wide range of value added services. Fibregrid's fabrication group is equipped to provide a turnkey solution to a wide range of projects- from design, to estimating, to component fabrication, to final construction and installation.

Is it possible to use grating with pultruded grating?

Our pedestals are not designed to be a direct support system for pultruded or rectangular mesh moulded gratings. They can, however, be used with double bases to support structural members that support the grating. Consult engineering for more details.

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